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Bernard Leung

Strategy Director

Bernard Leung

Strategy Director

Bernard Leung, our esteemed Strategy Director, with an impressive 30-year career distinguished by diverse business management roles in global companies. A graduate with honors from the University of Hong Kong, Bernard brings forth a remarkable ability to synthesize extensive experience with a strategic mindset.

As a proven leader, Bernard excels in harmonizing big-picture perspectives with tactical considerations. His adept skills in instilling inspiration, building trust, and consistently achieving commendable results underscore his commitment to business excellence. His strategic leadership and critical thinking capabilities play a pivotal role in driving success.

With a proven track record of steering high-performance teams, Bernard has successfully overseen the setup of numerous renowned businesses globally. His expertise extends to facilitating organizational infrastructure development in interactive marketing arenas, with a particular focus on Hong Kong-Australia collaborations. Bernard is highly adept at scaling operations and functions, delivering measurable marketing results, and enhancing overall profitability.

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